The book Night was about the struggles that Elie Weisel experienced as he was forced through many Nazi concentration camps. The hardships that he overcame and the loses that he suffered are told to us through his eyes. All because of his religion he didn’t have proper food, water, shelter, hygiene, or medical help. Separated from his mother and sisters he only has his father with him. As Elie and his father travel through all the different camps they witness unspeakable acts of torture and destruction. With the thought of liberation drifting out of their minds rapidly they must cling onto any hope that they can find. With his father, Elie lives day by day hoping that it won’t be his last.

Major characters:
Elie- A young boy who figures out that life is all not just fun and games. He is very interested in Jewish Mysticism and is very religious. His family and him get taken away by Nazis and are placed in concentration camps.Towards the end of his horrible experience Elie becomes a man.

Sholomo- Elies father and the only on with him through the camps. He helps Elie get through tought times as much as Elie helps him through tough times. He gives up hope towards the end of his journey and gets very sick. He dies eventually leaving his son alone in the camps.
Moishe the Beatle- He was a poor man in Sighet that was liked because he stayed out of peoples way and was respected for this. Then wagons came and took him away to the camps in which he escaped and returned to sighet. After this experience he was very jumpy and ran around warning people of the horrible things that he faced. No one believed him and they
all thought he was insane.
Rabi Eliahou- A normal man who is also surving through the camps with his son.He was looking for his son when they got seperated during a march but his son actually abandoned him but he never realized this.
Rabi Eliahou's son- He is an example of who Elie doesnt want to be like. During a run when his father tires Rabi Eliahous son abandons his father and runs on ahead of him.

Likes and Dislikes:
I really liked how the book was written by someone who actually went through these experiences. I also liked how the book always kept me on my toes and wanting to read more. I really didnt like that the book was written about a very horrific topic and I wanted to cry a parts. I cant believe that these events really happened! However overall this was a interesting read and really opened by eyes to what really happened during that time period.

What can we learn from reading this book?:
We can learn that we need to treat all humans like humans. No one in this world should be treated like any animal under almost any circumstance. We need to learn to except our differences, and that even though someone thinks or believes something different than you is no need to hate them. I think the thing that most people need to pull away from this is that this time period really was worse than we had poreviously thought. Now that we have heard from a true and reliable source we know exactly what happened at these camps and what these people had to go thorugh just because of their relegions,. We need to learn from this mistake so that another huge massacre such as this doesnt occur again.

Essential Questions:

1. What is the root cause of persectuion?
The root cause of prsectuion is that when we find someone who believes something differnet than us we turn to Hate or violence. We cant handle when someone thinks differently than us that its okay. We are so single minded that if we believe in this religion than other religions are wrong and evil so we must turn to hating them. Hate is what leads to killling, torture, fights, and arguments. People find that its much easier to hate something than to try and except it for what it truley is.

2. What are some current examples of persectuion that take place in todays world?
In todays world so many people are victims of persecution. In china girl babies are killed becuase they are only legally aloud one child and everyone wants a boy so that the family name can be continued. So if they have a girl baby they simply kill her and try again hoping for a boy this time. Also in coutries such as Iraq and Saudia Arabia women are not aloud to show any skin except for their eyes. They must never expose any other part of their bodies at all. They also are not aloud to learn to read or write so they are all lacking in basic privleages simply becuase of their genders. Many times these are the countries that are the poorest and most povertist because of the way they treat their women.
3. What does Night teach us about what it means to be human?
Many people dont realize or think about how they are defined as human. When you are treated as an animal rather than a human it sets in that it mean so much to be treated as a human. It gives people hope and kindness becuase they are treated as an important individual and they know that they have a place in this world.

Night Essay

What did I learn from writing this assignment?
I learned a lot about how to organize my writing and how to make everything flow smoothly. Also I learned how to integrate quotes which is a very hard concept for me.

What did I do well in this unit?
I integrated my quotes very well in this unit. I also picked the right quotes to go in the right places so that they will assist in proving my thesis or point of the essay.

What areas could I improve on?
I could always improve on my grammar. I always have some if not many grammatical errors even though I do re-read it several times. I need to watch out for commas and the spelling of my words especially.