mary: George who is a short, strong man travels with Lennie who is huge and has the brain of a 5 year old. They are traveling together going ranch to ranch looking for work and belonging. Lennie is obsessed with soft objects which always gets him into trouble. When they were in Weed Lennie wanted to fell a girls soft dress and he didnt let go so she freaked out and yelled rape. Lennie and George had to flee so that they wouldnt be hunted down by the search party sent out for them. They traveled to a ranch and met many other ranch hands. George and Lennie from the beginning had a problem with the boss's son curley. George and Lennie have a dream that they are going to own their own ranch and have a wonderful life. They are going to own many animals and Lennie cares about tending to the rabbits alot. Lennie and George work on the ranch for awhile until he had an altercation with curley and he broke his hand. After that he was already on curleys bad side he acidently killed curleys wife when he was petting her soft hair. Then Lennie ran away and hid somewhere, until the mop set out the kill him. The mob was led by Curley and he was going to kill Lennie very horribly. So George decided that he was going to kill Lennie himself so that he wouldnt haved to suffer the fate of curleys killing.

Major Characters:
George: He is a strong but small man. He is the care taker of Lennie and feels like Lennie is bringing him down and burdening him. George wants the freedom of not having to do a job or having a responsibility. George is always getting Lennie out of trouble and helping him with everything.
Lennie: is mentally retarded and is obsessed with soft objects. He is always looking up to George and he is always wanting to please him. He wants to tend the rabbits on the ranch that they are going to get himself because he loves rabbits.
Slim: Slim is tall and helps out on the ranch. He is looked up to by the other rach hands and is strong and smart. He is very kind and understands and cares about the good and bad in people. He becomes close to George and understands him more than anyone else.
Curley: He is the son of the boss and is very mean. He likes to pick on bigger men so that he can eaither be a hero when he wins or be pittied when he loses for being so much smaller. He thinks he is better than everyone else on the ranch and is basically the ranch bully. He is picking fights with Lennie often.
Curley's Wife- She is very lonley and craves attention. All the ranch hands try and stay away from her however because she has "the eye" and they dont want any trouble. She eventually gets killed by Lennie because she lets him feel her soft hair.
Candy- he is a one handed man that feels useless. He had a really old dog that he loved very much but it was shot becuase it was old and suffering. He wants to be part of the dream so that he can feel useful! He is willing to pay $350 towards getting the ranch. However, at the end he was the last to give up the ranch.
Crooks- a black man who has a crooked back becuase he was kicked by a horse when he was younger. He has seperate quarters all by himself becuase of his color. He is very lonley and has the lowest status on the ranch.

I liked this book because it was interesting to see the relationships that Lennie and George had becuase they were so different. They were so dependent upon each other yet so seperate. I didnt like this book because many people died. Lennie died which I didnt see coming and that really ruined the book for me. Also I really didnt like the ending because it was abrupt and gave us no conclusive anwsers. Overall this was a fun read yet a bad ending.

What can we learn from reading this book?
We can learn that even people that are different can have a chance at life. They can rise above and be successful. Also that everyone needs a companion and someone to be with. They need to have friends and someone to talk too.

Essential Questions:
1. What is meant by the American Dream?
The american dream is to own a piece of land with a family. Everything is perfect and no matter your conditions you can rise above your challenges and succed. You can make it in this world and achieve that land and perfect family if you try your best.
2. Is the american dream still a viable element today?
Yes it is, many people still strive for their goals with this dream in mind. They want a perfect family and a little house. They try their best believing that they will succeed just because they tried. However, some people no matter how hard they try they cant rise above their challenges.
3. Is the american dream a destrutive or empowering force?
It is both becuase it gives people something to strive for or it could give them something to remind them how lame they are. On the empowering side it gives people goals and gives them something to look forward and strive for in their lives. However, if they dont reach this it reminds them everyday that they cannot achive this goal and makes them feel insignificant and small.
4.What constitutes a genuine friendship?
A genuine friendship is where both sides of the friendship are giving and recieving. One person cant be doing all the work and not gaining anything from the friendship. There must also be trust and kindness in a genuine friendship.
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