Huck Finn is a young boy who is searching to find himself. His father is abusive and wants his son to be a failure like him. His father disappeared so Huck is living with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. They both attempt to civilize Huck by sending him to school, giving him nice clothes, and teaching him to pray. Huck’s father returns one night and is furious that Huck is going to school because he can’t stand the thought of his son being better than him. His father takes Huck onto Jacksons Island and holds him at a camp out in the woods. Every night he returns home drunk (he’s an alcoholic) and before he leaves he locks Huck in the camp. One night Huck escapes by faking his own death, a lot of people say that this is showing Huck being "reborn", and he runs off onto the Island. He meets up with Jim (Miss Watsons slave) who has also run away because he was to be sold down south. They live together for awhile, each one helping the other survive. They get a raft that has floated down stream and sail off down the river. As they travel down the river they experience many adventures. Some of these adventures included, finding a house floating down river and exploring it, sneaking around murders in action, and visiting multiple towns along the way. They also learn valuable information such as that there is a $300 reward out for Jim, and that Huck’s father has gone missing, and that Jim is believed to have killed Huck. All along the two friends are trying to reach Cairo where Jim will be free. As they take this Journey Huck battles between his conscience and his heart. He feels like he is doing the wrong thing for helping a slave get free but he does care for Jim. Towards the end when a boat hits their raft and Jim and Huck are separated, Huck goes and lives with the Grangerfords, which are a higher class family. Huck enjoys life until he realizes the fight between this family and another has been taken to dangerous proportions, and most of his "new family” has been killed. He then finds and meets up with Jim again, and the two friends start down the river trying to dicover themselves and their dreams.

Major Characters:
Huck- He is the main character of the book, and he really enjoys being in nature. He is running from his father, who is abusive and alcoholic. He runs away and meets up with a slave (Jim) and they both travel down the river experiencing many adventures and realizing their own dreams along the way.
Jim: Jim is a slave belonging to Miss Watson. He runs away because he was to be sold down south. He meets up with Huck who becomes his best friend and the one who helps him towards his dream of freedom. He is a very superstitious man and always is warning of bad luck signs.
Pap- This is Huck’s father. Pap is very abusive to Huck and is also an alcoholic. He doesn’t want his son to become better than him so he "traps" him in a camp in to woods. Pap spends what ever money he can on alcohol and doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings. He eventually dies from "hanging with the wrong crowd."


Likes: I liked how Huck has abolitionist thoughts and he treats Jim with respect a lot of the time. Also I like how Huck fakes his own death in order to escape his father. He is very crafty and it was interesting to see the small details that he paid attention to in order to make his story believable.
Dislikes: Some of the parts in the book were very slow and I could get bored fairly easily. I think Twain might have go into too much detail into some parts such as the 3 pages were its just explaining the Grangerfords home. Also some of the chapters were extremely long and hard to read because of the difficult dialog. Especially when Jim was talking I couldn’t follow what he was saying.

What can we learn from reading this book?

We can learn that you have to follow your own dream and forget about the people trying to change it. You have to persevere and fight for what you want even thought it might mean doing something crazy. Also, that you need to believe what you want to believe, not what other people want you to believe. Huck wanted to accept Jim as a person but because of what society has made him believe he can’t get past the fact that Jim is a black man. You need to break away from the beliefs of society and believe what you want.

Answer to essential questions??:

1.) What role does society play in shaping who we are?

2.) What does freedom mean to you?
- Freedom is the right to believe what you want and to make your own decisions. Totally freedom is where no one is pressuring you to think their way or act their way, it is where you can figure things out on your own.
Society teaches us what to think and how to act. They tell us what’s right and wrong before we even have a chance to decide that for ourselves. They shape our minds and beliefs into something like theirs. They tell us how different races, ages, genders, and people are to be treated before we even meet them. Society plays a giant role in shaping who we are.

3.) How to you go about making important decisions?
- You have to get the ideas and opinions of people that you trust and love to assist you in this important decision. However, ultimately you must make the decision yourself but it always helps to hear from people you trust when your feeling pressured.

4.) What does Huck Finn teach us about what it means to be human?
- He shows that regardless of color or race people are people and should be treated as humans and not animals. He befriends Jim representing that he realizes Jim's color isn’t as important as first thought and he starts treating Jim like a human by paying attention to his feelings.